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Aluminum Pickup Packs

Wednesday, October 16th, 2013

2 Curbside4 Rear Open5 Curbside Open6 Rear Clsoe UpPickup Packs™ are like having a huge aluminum utility truck bed cap for your truck.  Because it is constructed of aluminum more payload is available for your tools and equipment. Pickup Packs can be used in 1/2 ton rated  trucks as opposed to 3/4 ton required for service bodies.These revolutionary units lock all of your tools and work equipment inside your truck bed. They are constructed by combining different truck tool boxes together; thus providing a perfect alternative to a utility body. Manufactured by Highway Products, Fleetco offers two different options: Standard Pickup Packs™ have three lockable compartments, Pro Pickup Packs™ have four lockable compartments. The Bed Slide / “Roller Coaster” can be added for complete access to the cargo bed without climbing. These utility truck bed caps can be installed and removed within minutes. Pickup Packs are available in bright finish aluminum or powder coated black. Custom colors are available too. Every Pickup Pack™ comes with a Lifetime Warranty. Come to Fleetco and order your Pickup Pack today.


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