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Fleetco has many years of experience designing and customizing trucks of all sorts. The Cintas van, shown below, is a good example. Based on Cintas’ specifications, we outfitted the interior of the body with attractive display racks, wooden flooring, and inventory storage areas. Entry to the “Showroom on Wheels” is through a custom stairway with pullout handrails.  
pic cintas sidepic cintas frontpic cintas fuel3  
The core of the project was the specification of a 26’ long by 102” wide and 84” high insulated dry van body. The lowered front step well and outer cargo door were included in the cargo body specifications. The step well was designed to facilitate the installation of an inner door for use by customers while on – site. A pull – out two step platform and folding handrail make for a safe entrance into the “Showroom On Wheels.”  
pic cintas pre1pic cintas pre2pic cintas pre3  
Shown is main customer entrance with the inner door, pull – out two step platform and folding handrail. The back of the outer door can be utilized as a sign or display board when on-site. The center picture depicts the weather proof , lockable aluminum storage cabinets . These cabinets will be utilized for reserve stock on small items and supplies. The smaller aluminum box houses the twist-lock connections from the generator to the interior circuit panel. The twist-lock connectors can be separated to power the unit from an alternate source in lieu of the on-board generator.  
pic cintas enter1pic cintas enter2pic cintas enter3  
Shown are views of the 5.5 KW Onan Generator and fuel tank. The tank is concealed by the bright aluminum cover. The generator is on a lockable slide – out tray for easy service. It is extremely quiet and cannot be heard inside the unit. The exhaust exits at the extreme rear away from the entrance and air conditioning unit . The last picture shows the rear cargo door into the storage area and rear bumper shelf.  
pic cintas fuel1pic cintas fuel2pic cintas fuel3  
Also included in the basic van body specifications was the interior white “glassboard” lining installed over plywood on the walls and ceiling. The glassboard is a USDA approved lining and cleans easily. The body was divided into two sections separated by an interior partition with a passage door. The showroom section at the front is approximately 10’ long and the storage area at the rear is approximately 15’ long.  
pic cintas con1pic cintas con2pic cintas con3  
Perimeter benches line the showroom walls. Removable tops allow access to storage areas. The work stand has lockable drawers and a computer shelf. Slatwall panels line the upper walls to support fixtures for display purposes. Work stand and benches were built in place from laminate covered plywood for durability and easy care. The short bench shown against the divider wall has provision for a cooler with a drain hose to the outside. Lighting is provided by full length dual tube florescent fixtures . Air conditioning and heat are provided by a single 13,000 BTU combination roof top unit. All powered by an on – board generator.  
pic cintas con4pic cintas int3pic cintas con6  
A high quality industrial grade multi – colored carpet was glued to the showroom floor and wall space above the benches to the bottom edge of the slatwall panels. The stock room fixtures are adjustable metal shelving with plywood decks. Doors were sized for maximum access to the storage area. A removable, ribbed rubber mat covers the aisle in stockroom area.  
pic cintas con7pic cintas con8pic cintas con9  
Finished interior views showing cooler bench with padded cushion top, stockroom with shelves, carpeting on floor and walls, slatwall panels, work station, wall mounted audio / visual component stand. Also shown is close up view of work stand with lockable drawers.  
pic cintas int1pic cintas int2pic cintas int3  
Finished view of main bench, carpet and slat wall panels . Note diamond plate aluminum base heel protector at floor. Side and front views of slat wall panels with fixtures and shoe displays attached. White background of slat wall panels enhances merchandise presentation.  
pic cintas int4pic cintas int5pic cintas int6  
Storage area shelves fully stocked with shoes and boots. Cargo nets hold stock in place during transport. Cargo nets attach to shelves via snap rings and bungee cords. Nets are easily detached to gain full access.  
pic cintas storage1pic cintas storage2pic cintas storage3pic cintas storage4