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 Convert a GM, Ford, Transit Connect, Nissan NV, Ram ProMaster or Sprinter Into A Refrigerated Van.     

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Check Out These Features And Options

We Have More Insulation In Our Doors Than Any Van On The Market!

A Ford VanChevy InChicken Shack Depot  3 Chicken Shack Depot  4 Chicken Shack Depot  5 Chicken Shack Depot  6 Garber 9Garber Chevrolet  8 Garber Chevrolet  10 Garber Chevrolet  12 Image FloorImage RearImage side SealImage SideImage X LightTK V300

  • Sealed Overlapping Panels
  • Rubberized Sealer On Seams For Extra Protection
  • Aluminum Tread-Plate Liner Available
  • Recycled Rubber Mat Available
  • Movable Partition For Variable Load-Space
  • Thermostat Control Fan For Dual Temperature Cargo Area
  • Effective Insulation Equal To 6″ In Walls, Ceiling, Floor and Doors
  • Liner Transferable To Like Van