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Catering- Vending – Two Compartment Delivery Vans


Fleetco has developed a van capable of carrying both hot and cold food products or freeze and chill in two separate compartments. Through the use of either a permanent or movable partition the van can be divided in two sections. The front portion of the van can be accessed through the side doors and the second section through the rear doors. A 12 volt temperature controlled fan in the partition can provide circulation to maintain chill temperatures in the rear section while the front section is set to freeze. Cambro cabinets powered by an electrical inverter can be placed permanently or temporarily in the rear section for hot food on trays. Each cabinet has the capacity to hold 6 ea, 2 1/2″ food pans. Other confiurations are available using different types of insulated containers.

Using a Fleetco Insulated Van as a delivery vehicle affords complete flexibilty to transport a variety of products. 

“The Ultimate Catering Van”

 These are photos of a multi-purpose catering van built for the military. The basic platform is a Ford E-350 extended wheelbase cargo van. The van was fitted with an insulated liner and a truck engine driven refrigeration unit with 120 volt electric standby. A movable / removable insulated bulkhead is located behind the rear wheel housings. This area can be used for dry or hot cabinet storage. Two Cambro hot cabinets plug into a rear power outlet and are secured with cargo straps. On board electric power is supplied by a 6000 watt  inverter located on the front wall in the cab. Power is availble when the van engine is running providing 120 volt electricity for the cabinets, lights and other devices at the catering site. Forward of the bulkhead is a removable full width aluminum platform that “double decks” the area between the side doors and the bulkhead. All of the the interior components can be easily removed to utilize the full cargo area for refrigerated product. This van offers complete flexibilty for all food service needs. Call Fleetco to build one for you.

Full View 1 26000 Watt Inverter 1Insulated Side Doors 1Insulated Rear Doors 1Cambro Containers 1Deck and Partition 1Evaporator Unit 1Soft Partition 1 2Aluminum Deck