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Transit Connect Insulation, Refrigeration and Commercial Applications

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The Ford Transit Connect with an insulated fiberglass liner kit provides almost 100 cubic feet and over 1300 lbs. of payload for temperature sensitive products. Like our full size van and Sprinter liners the kit is removable, washable and meets USDA requirements. Refrigeration is provided by a 12 volt DC driven  unit. This unit easily maintains chill temperatures in the cargo area. For lower temperatures an engine driven compressor type unit can be used. Full access to cargo is provided through the double rear or both side doors. The flat floor and full access allow maximum utilization of the cargo area unlike pickup truck slide in units. Payload is comparable to a 1/2 ton pickup truck. The entire unit including a refrigeration unit for chill temperatures can be purchased for less than $40,000.00. Call us today for more information. Let Fleetco provide an economical solution to your refrigerated transportation requirements.

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