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Truck Bodies & Equipment

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Service Bodies and Cranes
Platform, Stake and Dump Bodies & Equipment
Van Bodies and Liftgates

reading-service-body.jpg READING tailgatetagline 1
Service and Utility Bodies – We feature Reading service bodies. The best body available on the market today. Spec for spec Reading beats all other competitors hands down. We keep the most popular models in stock for immediate
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Platform and Stake Bodies – Choose from America’s leading manufacturers or one of our custom built bodies to meet your specific job needs. Standard models in stock.
van-body-morgan.jpg Van Bodies – Dry and Refrigerated – Morgan van bodies are available in all sizes to meet the specific needs of your business. Aluminum or fiberglass construction along with door choices offer a wide variety of products. Morgan insulated bodies can be configured for freeze or chill applications with choices of refrigeration units and insulation packages. See why Morgan is the choice of all the major leasing companies.
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Liftgates – We offer all types of liftgates from the smallest pick-up gates to large ones for semi trailers. All from the nation’s leading manufacturers. We also service all types of
dump-hoist.jpg Dump Hoists – Hydraulic hoists powered by PTO or 12 volt DC are available for all types of trucks. To dump your pick-up bed or a whole load of lumber. We’ll pick out the right hoist for your
crane.jpg Liftmore Logo reduced 1vt-truck-mtd-cranes.jpgCranes – Cranes ranging from the most basic 1000 lb. capacity to fully hydraulic 10,000 lb. capacity are available from Liftmoore, Venturo and RKI. Let us help you pick the right one for your
truck-racks.jpg Truck Racks – For pick ups, service bodies, and vans. We’ve even got them available for quick removal on the
toolboxes.jpg Tool Boxes – For everything from pick-ups to platforms, above and underbed. We have the boxes you need. In steel and
inverter.gif Dimensions Power Inverters – From 300 to 3000 watts available from your batteries. Run everything from power tools to computers. Let us engineer one for your power
  Shop Services – Visit our shop for service on truck bodies, trailers, suspensions, and frame alterations. With our fabricating equipment and AWS certified welders there’s no project we can’t handle.
  Other Products – We have a full line of all types of truck equipment. Winches, PTO’s, lift axles, air suspensions, and truck tarp mechanisms to name a few. We also offer our quality installation on everything we sell.
extendo-bed-001.jpg Extendo-Bed Telecsoping Frame Assembly

  • Capacities to 1800 lbs. at full extension
  • Full access to tools and equipment
  • No climbing in and out of truck beds
  • Custom deck arrangements
  • Maximum space utilization
  • Applications for pickups, vans and SUVs
  • Commercial, Fire, Rescue, Police