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For Sale – Truck Bodies and Equipment

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 New Reading  Standard Line and Classic II Bodies For Sale. Single and Dual Rear Wheel. 8, 9 and 11′ Lengths. Powdercoated White Inside and Out.

Single Rear Wheel Platform Bodies


Replace your 8′ pickup bed with a platform. We have several of these from a cancelled order.

Price $3,200.00 installed.



Knuckleboom Crane For Sale

Dunbar Tico Articulating Crane with 3000 LB. Capacity Winch


34′ horizontal reach, 10,000 LB capacity at 6′ 7″; 1400 LB capacity at 34′

Full hydraulic outriggers, winch cable 3/8″ Speed 20 FPM


Recently Sold Similar New Crane For $58,635.00 installed


Sale Price Not Installed, $9,500.00

Installation on customer chassis additional

Minimum Chassis Size Required 26,000 GVW

Crane Specs Resized 1Crane LeftCrane RightOutriggers and controls[Crane Winch
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For Sale - Truck Bodies and Equipment